Friday, May 28, 2010

Interview with In City


Smoky Club…Clove Cigarette…Black Eye Liner…Dancing in the Dark…Erotic Love are all the things that come to mind and awake the senses when listening to Your Velvet Heaven by INCITY...

The project from Minsk which started in the end of spring 2009 behind the name IN CITY is vocalist, musician and songwriter Alex Thorn. The debut EP “Rock in the City” named as rock music with pop/synth/electro elements, orchestral arrangements, male and female voices. Musically this EP includes elegant, powerful and magnetic melodies. From extreme guitar drive to classical instruments, drum'n'bass beats, male and female voices, electronic samples and many more that is In City

Alex has sat down with Ladyaslan aka as Rio from the Duran Duran to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame campaign from MySpace and Facebook to talk of music and why DD should be inducted~

Ladyaslan, DDTTRH: Tell us about In City....who's who and what style is your music?

INCITY (synth/rock band from Belarus) was formed by me (Alex) in the past year and on this moment we have one mini-album with simple name "Rock in the City” Here I wanted to express and unite a different kinds of music as a songwriter and vocalist. The concept includes an extreme guitar drive, various electronic samples, orchestral instruments, two vocal's lines(male and female) and even a drum'n'bass elements on "Waves of Electro" song is without any borders and the lyrical part of this album tells about love, desires, insanity (in good sense:)), night feelings, travelling and emotional potential in each person. All this time I co-operated with session musicians but recently Andrew on guitar and Vladimir on bass join me. So... now we can play live and making our first video clip.

Ladyaslan, DDTTRH: Has Duran Duran ( songs or videos....) influenced the way you think as a writer/musician?

INCITY: It's not a secret that many Synth music groups have stopped their activity after 5 or 10 years of their existence. But Duran Duran are long life phenomenon’s and additionally they have to last for the fans they have great albums. We hope to be relevant and last in the heart of our fans like Duran Duran.

The band mates of DD are well over 40 years old now and they are making such original and energetic music still like the (2007) album deserving a double respecting. They worked with Timbaland on some mixes and I co-operated with Kate (Waves of Electro and Tonight on Highway signer). And of course their romantic atmosphere on more early albums always impressed me. Yes they have influenced us as a band.

Ladyaslan, DDTTRH: What contributions do you feel Duran Duran has offered the music and fashion industry over the past 30 yrs?

INCITY: For me (like a many people around the world) DD are the mirror and symbol of 80’s. They are reflections of this epoch exactly. Since 1981 they sold out a millions of tour dates and albums with great music and hereby became the fashion moguls of true mode. In the future they will only confirm that true artists will never fade away.

Ladyaslan, DDTTRH: What is one of your favorite songs or videos or both by Duran Duran?

INCITY: It's hard to pick just one song or video as the best. The band is very talented and long lifed. They have a several periods of music…I like all songs from the last two albums.

Of course hits from 90’s like Ordinary World and Come Undone. I have listened to their tracks since the beginning(1981).

Ladyaslan, DDTTRH: Would you like to see an entire Glee episode dedicated to Duran Duran like they did for Madonna?

INCITY: I have not seen this serial ( TV show ). I heard about that but I can't say anything. Probably I must correct this omission. I'll begin with "The power of Madonna":) so if it worked with Madonna it could work for Duran Duran.

Ladyaslan, DDTTRH: Where can we purchase a copy of your EP and when can we expect a full CD?
INCITY: In the following weeks…may be later…a FREE Mp3 download of our new single "Own Reality" from the official website We don't have a contract with any record labels ( yet ) and our EP is not out for sale just yet We will keep our fans in the loop with new info on our EP. Providing a valid e-mail address INCITY can send an mp3 tracks via e-mail if one would like. The full length INCITY album is in production and will be done approximately at the end of 2010.

Thanks for interview and your interest!

Alex (INCITY band)

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  1. this is a GREAT rockin' synth band~ xoxo Rio

  2. Really impressed with what you are doing, you certainly have commitment and I hope you achieve your aims