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Interview with Your Vegas

Your Vegas are an English rock band from Leeds, England, currently based in New York City. The band comprises Coyle Girelli (vocals, guitar), Mat Steel (guitar, vocals), Mark Heaton (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Jon Langford (bass) and Mal Taylor (drums).

Girelli, Steel and Langford started playing music together while attending Prince Henry's Grammar School in Otley, West Yorkshire. Their first band was called Orka but they later changed their name to Salvadore. In December 2004 they joined forces with Heaton, a friend from the vibrant Leeds music scene and enlisted the services of Taylor, an old school friend, and formed Your Vegas.

Coyle Girelli has been quoted in many texts in regards to the genesis of Your Vegas and here is what he had to say about it:

How does a band from a little town outside of Leeds end up going by the name Your Vegas? “It was one of our first songs,” says the band’s singer Coyle Girelli. “Your Vegas seemed to sum us up. It’s about escaping to a different place, wherever that is.”

Escape, along with brotherhood, is at the core of Your Vegas. Four of the five band members grew up in a small suburb of Leeds called Otley. Forming a band came naturally; according to Girelli. “There aren’t many people in Otley. You find three other people near the same age into music, you’re probably going to meet up and form a band.”

At first, the concept of escape simply meant finding a sound. The group started out as a grungy, Nirvana-influenced group, but that slowly changed. A keyboardist was added; the music opened up. “Making a racket turned into thinking about songs,” says guitarist Mat Steel, who offers up U2 and Depeche Mode as influences (as for contemporaries, he mentions Coldplay and The Killers and Duran Duran).

In 2008, the band was continuously on the road across the US and Canada as they completed six major north American tours. After supporting The Bravery on two tours, they opened up for Duran Duran on their 2008 Red Carpet Massacre Tour of North America throughout April and May and then again during the second leg of the tour in December. *Ladyaslan was at this show in Orlando at the New UCF Arena and it was a GREAT show and Your Vegas had the auidence on their feet dancing, they had put out an incredible vibe to start the evening for us; and that is when me and my fellow Duranies knew we had found a kick ass new band to add to our music repitore~

Your Vegas took time out of their busy schedule to sit with Ladyaslan and discuss the campaign: Duran Duran to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and their new album, which is getting ready to drop in the Fall of 2010; here’s the interview~

LadyaslanDDTTRH: What was it like to tour with Duran Duran on the RCM tour in 2008? What is your fondest memory?

Your Vegas: It was an amazing experience touring twice with Duran Duran in 2008. As a band just starting out in the industry, being around them and able to watch them every night gave us invaluable insight into just what it takes to be a band still selling out huge venues, still influential and still relevant after over 30 years...and most importantly still having fun and still enjoying it. They're also amazing guys and made it very easy for us.

I think my fondest memory is the last show of the first tour when we played at Central Park in New York. It was a special setting, an amazing show and to walk off stage to a round of applause from a band that had inspired me throughout most of my life was very special.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: You have a Wikipedia article, but as it is easy to edit I was wondering if there is anything about you and your band mates (fact or fiction) that you would like to see added to your bio?
Your Vegas: Hmmm? Let me think. I once witnessed Mal Taylor tackle World Cup winner Frank Leboeuf in a charity football match we played in for Hollywood United over in LA. I never ever in my life thought I would witness such an insult to the 'beautiful game' ha-ha!

LadyaslanDDTTRH: What is your favorite Duran Duran video and song?

Your Vegas: My favourite video is probably Rio. It's simply one of the best videos of all time. The song, Rio, is classic and instantly recognizable. It’s full of life, colour, and limitless energy and fun. The video is totally random and suits the song perfectly. I think my favorite Duran Duran song is Girls on Film. Actually, it depends on my mood...Girls on Film or Come Undone.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: Had Duran Duran inspired any of the band members and if so what area of your music did they inspire?

Your Vegas: Yeh! They are a big influence on our music and our sense of being a band. They wrote the blueprint for being a fashion conscious band with an edge that rocks hard but that has a pop sensibility at its core. I'd say we fit somewhere in that world.

LadyaslanDDTTRH: What are you plans for the future…anything you would like to share?

Your Vegas: Thank you for taking the time to include us in this. We're working hard here in New York on finishing our second record that will be out in the fall this year so look out for plenty more tour dates coming up at the end of summer, new singles, videos, and live streams…the works!!

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