Thursday, February 17, 2011

Google Search under Scarlet Soho and Duran Duran

What happens if you Google Search under 'Scarlet Soho and Duran Duran'...Besides seeing Ladyaslan's interview with them at the top of the list (, here's some other interesting things I found....

One person, in a comment on a music forum said...
"Scarlet Soho sounds alot like Duran Duran who I love. The Soho Dolls are in the same sort of area as Ladytron, Client and Adult. All of which are fabulous."

You can sample some of their music at might check out the title of the song 'Skin Trade' on the album 'Divisions of Decency'. That sounds like the name of a Duran Duran song, doesn't it?
You can also sample their songs from the album 'Warpaint' on Amazon. The one review of the album, from a Michael Spall 'Spally' says this..."I love Scarlet Soho. Like early, edgy Pet Shop Boys material romancing with a Depeche Mode track. Elements of Adam & The Ants dancing theatrically with the lean pop rock stylings of A-Ha; whilst banging club music in the style of Blue Monday spars with moments of dark, Trent Reznor soundscapes. All the while, the faint glimmer of 80's metal permeates throughout and the distinctly deliberate nod towards Duran Duran infused pop brilliance also becomes apparent."
At, Scarlet Soho is recommended if you like Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, and Faith No More.

So...if you haven't listened to Scarlet Soho...take some time this week as we appreciate them at DDTTRH...Duran Duran and Scarlet Soho just go so well together!!!

Kirk on special research assignment,
Artist Appreciation Week for Scarlet Soho,

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