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DDTTRH interview with LoveSick Radio, Dave Harris

LoveSick radio is a band that was created in 2006, in Columbus Ohio (very close to Cleveland!).  Now currently reside in Las Vegas (since 2012).   Their front man is Justin Therialt, their guitarist Dave Harris, and bassist Josh Masters.  According to their website (, they play over 200 shows a year and have opened for the bands Bon Jovi, Kid Rock, and The Fray.  They have also played at festivals and have shared "the stage with the likes of David Cook, Justin Bieber, Blue October, White Tie Affair, Rooney, Three Days Grace, Hinder, Safety Suit and New Found Glory." (source: website)  They have also played at the Changjiang International Music Festival in Zhenjiang China (with over 80,000 attendees).  Their single, "Boys Don't Matter" has made it to the top 50 charts and they have had "multiple placements on several MTV shows and MTV2 featured the band as one of its “Bands on the Rise.”"(source: website).

Their website describes their sound as blending "a unique blend of unapologetic rock coupled with pop melodies and hip-hop swagger, creating a fresh sound all their own."  In an interview with (source:, when asked if their music is pop, rock, or alternative, this is what they answered:  "We call it all three...rock/pop/alternative.  We listen to everything so its only fair those would come through when people listen to us."

DDTTRH is excited to present to you this interview with LSR's guitarist, Dave Harris.  He had some good things to say about Duran Duran will have to read to see what he says.

Kirk, DDTTRH:  I heard about your upcoming show in Vegas this Friday...are you super excited? Have you played in Vegas before?

We have played in Vegas before. The crowds are fun to play to here. They get to see so much entertainment you have to up your game to stand out. So far I feel we live up to the challenge

Kirk, DDTTRH: Please tell us about the new material you are releasing and how it's being received.
Our new single should be out in August. We wrote a ton of songs trying to really find real sound that we can call ours. We can't wait to play these songs for people
Kirk, DDTTRH:  I listened to some of your band's music...I like it. I understand you play bass. Are you familiar with John Taylor's work?
I play guitar but I am familiar his work. He's pretty bad ass

Kirk, DDTTRH:  YES he is! So let's play guitar. So you might know of Andy Taylor, Warren Cuccurullo, and Dom Brown.
All good players

Kirk, DDTTRH:  Who is your favorite guitar player..the one who inspires you today?
Doesn't have to be someone who played or is playing with Duran Duran. Don't worry.
Top 5 Jimmy page Joe perry Jimi Hendrix Keith Richards Richie kotzen
Kirk, DDTTRH:  Very nice list. I really like Jimmy Page and Joe Perry. There's nothing quite like a Stairway to Heaven, is there? So I read that one of your band's songs made it to the top 50 on the pop charts and you've been featured on MTV. Can you tell us more about that? Sounds exciting!
Yeah it was pretty cool. We are getting ready to release our new single & we think we will top ourselves.
Kirk, DDTTRH:  David...there are so many bands out there. Why should people listen to yours? What does your band have to offer that others might not?
Hmm... If one comes to our show they are going to go home & make love. So there's that.

Kirk, DDTTRH:  Hahaha! Nice answer. Tell me about other members of the band. How well do you guys mesh as a group? Have you had any funny stories on the road you wouldn't mind sharing? I read you opened for Bon Jovi and played in China! There must be some fun stories you've had in your travels.
The band works really well together. We fight like everyone else from time to time but we love each other and we are family. When you spend as much time with each other as we do it's kind of happens. Crazy stories...When we went to China recently our bass player Josh almost lost his bass , went to find it then luckily found his bass! then when he came back I realized that he was missing his luggage! he left it where he found his bass and then he missed his plane trying to go get the bag. & he had no cell phone service in China. But he happened to meet some nice people in China & they let him use the Internet and he emailed me thus making it to the show just in time. We have 1 million crazy stories. I somehow wonder how all this stuff happens to us sometimes.
Kirk, DDTTRH: glad he made it. Than you for sharing. Since you have 1 million crazy stories...perhaps one more you'd be willing to share with our readers?
I remember once we were touring somewhere in the south & we stopped at a rest stop very early. Everyone in the bad was asleep but our driver & drummer. Well they both got off to use the restroom. Our driver returns to the bus & forgets to check to see if anyone else got off the bus. So he drove off. He end up leaving with out our drummer. So I get a call asking where we are. Little did I know we just left him. So I made the driver turn around. As soon as he could.

Kirk, DDTTRH:  Beside your new single coming out in August, can you tell us about anything else exciting coming up for Lovesick Radio?
We are going back to china & then doing a radio tour of the us followed by a tour of America. Plus our album & a video or two.
Kirk, DDTTRH:  Very great! I hope our fans will enjoy keeping up with you. I know I would like to check in with you every now and then to see how you are doing. David, thank you so much for interviewing with me.

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We call in all three… rock/pop/alternative. We listen to everything so it only fair those would come through when people listen to us. - See more at:
We call in all three… rock/pop/alternative. We listen to everything so it only fair those would come through when people listen to us. - See more at: