Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Epiphany - Shot gun Version

Get it together...Thing is jumpin'...I wanna see your...Bullets pumpin'...
Shotgun...Itchy finger...On the trigger...Got to make the...Shooter bigger...

This is the Shotgun version of the Epiphany, that will change everything about DDTTRH and bring EXCITING THINGS TO COME!!!

Written by Kirk, one of the council members and founder of DDTTRH

**I went to my first Duran Duran concert live...and had this epiphany
**Realized that the Rock Hall may not deserve Duran Duran
**Duran Duran has already made history and no award, induction, or honor will change that
**With Duran Duran, its always been about making fans happy...and thats what life should be about...its 'the World' that focuses on such honors and recognition
**What is the point of beating on the Rock Hall's doors? Many groups have tried and have been left with bitterness and animosity towards the Rock Hall
**I've decided the following with this effort...
1--Our primary focus will no longer be to try and 'get Duran Duran into the Rock Hall'
2--DDTTRH may/may not go away or it may be restructured into something grander (we are discussing this as a team). If we do keep DDTTRH, the logo will change to reflect our new mission.
3--We will continue to support the Rock Hall petition--this WILL NOT go away. There are beautiful things written on it...and how can we get rid of it? Nile signed it! We love you Nile!
4--We will promote Duran Duran in many other ways, including..
**pointing fans to other petitions
**building more awareness of the band
**more broad-reaching interviews with bands, artists, fans, music industry specialists, and many others.
**continued press releases, music history research and data analysis (the part I am most excited about)
5--I have kept this effort too close to myself (I am an only child--comes with the territory)..therefore I've decided to offer Anitra (Ladyaslan), Christian, and Kandice permanent member status (which they have accepted!).

It will take time to change things, but we know after we are done we will no longer be boxed in by our limited mission. Our imagination and vision will be enhanced and this effort will be on a higher plane...with a bold new direction...and together we will take this thing where no Duranie has gone before.

This is the symbol of the Epiphany that came to my mind...

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