Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Duran Duran dream - the Living Facebook post

I've had several Duran Duran dreams since I started this effort. I thought it would be fun to share them. If you have had a Duran Duran dream and you feel comfortable sharing it, please contact us through our DDWW site (

The Dream...

I was on a Facebook page and there was a picture of Simon with red hair and he was facing a door with another older shorter man coming out of it. It was almost like a picture taken off the set of a soap opera. There were several comments about the picture, I added a question like 'What is Simon doing here?'.

Then, the picture came alive and my point of view was as if I was watching the soap opera. Simon pushed through the door with the man and the two were arguing about something. They were then both standing on a sidewalk on the border of a small town by the ocean. The man asked Simon a pointed question and Simon answered by starting to sing the song 'My Own Way'. The funny thing was is that it wasn't his voice, he had a deeper voice, and I'm pretty sure the song was in a different key (and to the tune of a different song).

On the second line of the song, the camera zoomed out and it showed Roger and Nick walking towards Simon, singing the same song.

Then I woke up!


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