Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our new NUNO

We promised you some exciting changes and happenings this June 15th's another one....our NEW DDTTRH LOGO!!!!!

When we asked NUNO (our graphic artist friend and supporter from Portugal) to make us a logo, we told him the following..."The new logo must embody our new mission of focusing less attention on the Rock Hall and more on Duran Duran. The logo must be forward looking and visionary, with the idea that our effort is trying to bring to light the Duran Duran of NOW and the amazing contributions that Duran Duran has made to music history, fashion, art and media culture. To me the logo must say that Duran Duran is hip and classy for today and must be inviting to people who have either never heard of the band or are curious in learning about what they've been doing lately."

Further, we told him it needs to look good on a t-shirt.

I think NUNO out-did himself...check this out...I am proud to present, Duran Duran to the Rock Hall's new official logo...

And here's what it looks like on a t-shirt...pretty cool, eh?

Thanks so much for being our fans. In the next week or so, we will look for a t-shirt supplier so that we can let you have the amazing opportunity to wear it!



Kirk, Christian, Anitra, Kandice

PS--to learn more about NUNO, please visit him at these sites:

You can also check out an interview we did with NUNO at the beginning of 2011...

To learn more about Duran Duran to the Rock Hall (DDTTRH), please visit our hub site at

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