Tuesday, February 7, 2012

'Stole a Leopard' Testimonials 1

For those of you not aware, DDTTRH debuted stuffed snow leopards in New York City at the end of last year (our very own Christian Helwig was there!). These stuffed snow leopards are the results of a partnership with the Snow Leopard Trust (snowleopardtrust.org) which is an organization dedicated to the protection of snow leopards and their native habitats in Mongolia. 100% of the money you pay for the leopard (less the shipping and collars we make for them) goes towards saving these amazing animals.

Here is the first edition of testimonials from our fans (with pictures). We hope you enjoy them and that you will purchase a leopard for yourself...not because we want you to, but because you are willing to give to save these animals. Savings these leopards goes beyond any kind of trivial things related to Duran Duran or the Rock Hall...its about giving life to animals struggling to keep it. 'It begins and ends with you' to be 'the one who stole a leopard'. ~DDTTRH

Alex Jokubaitis, United States

I love my snow leopards! I kept one for myself, and gave the other to a fellow Duranie who wasn't aware of DDTTRH. She really appreciated it, and got to learn more about the cause. I keep mine (aptly named Simon LeCat) on my desk, and he serves as a daily reminder of Duran Duran. I think the leopards are perfect for any Duran Duran fan. They are a unique reference to a great, current Duran Duran song. They help to also raise awareness of the band and all of their accomplishments, and the cost of purchase goes to a wonderful cause. And on top of that, they are so darn cute!

Terri Simpkin, Australia

When I saw that DDTTRH had very cleverly linked one of the most amazing Duran songs with a most worthy cause I had to investigate. As I now know, not only are the plush snow leopards incredibly cute in their own right, they play a big part in providing assistance to keep the real Snow Leopards off the extinct list. Currently classified as endangered, there are less than 7 000 left in the wild and need all the help they can get. Way down here in Tasmania (no, it’s not the end of the Earth, but I can see it from here!) there’s not much opportunity to see a real Snow Leopard so purchasing a very friendly plush one was the next best thing. And, the clever people at DDTTRH will provide you with a very stylish little collar which you can have personalised (to five letters). In the spirit of the latest album, mine proudly wears AYNIN on his collar.

I urge all Duran fans to consider supporting DDTTRH drive to raise funds for the Snow Leopard Trust. Not only will you be able to connect with Duran’s “Leopard” but you’ll be helping a great cause and, did I mention they are incredibly cute??!!! (BTW mine is currently travelling to the UK as part of my relocation to the other side of the world; too cute to leave behind.) – Dr Terri Simpkin, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Maria Sbrocco, United States

Seeing the AYNIN Duran Duran concert was the greatest night of my life!! It took over 30 years and it was well worth the wait!! I also want to thank you for the opportunity to purchase the stuffed snow leopard animals with the collars through your web site. I have one with a collar that says 'I Simon Le Bon' and another that says 'I Duran Duran'. It is an important cause to save the snow leopards and they are the cutest souvenirs to a Duran Duran concert that I waited all my life for. "The Man Who Stole A Leopard" has a greater meaning than just a song.

To steal your leopard, please visit us at www.ddttrh.info, Enter the Site, and click 'Be the One Who Stole a Leopard'.