Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Archive Away Mission, Starring Andy Golub

One of the things I didn't share about my trip to Seattle was about my visit to Andy Golub's archive.  It so happened that I was also in town for a Star Trek convention, so I had my Star Fleet uniform with me.    Christine (not Chapel) was gracious enough to show me around while Andy 'geekily' and 'happily' hovered around me taking pictures.  Here are some of them...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Duran Duran dream - the Living Facebook post

I've had several Duran Duran dreams since I started this effort. I thought it would be fun to share them. If you have had a Duran Duran dream and you feel comfortable sharing it, please contact us through our DDWW site (

The Dream...

I was on a Facebook page and there was a picture of Simon with red hair and he was facing a door with another older shorter man coming out of it. It was almost like a picture taken off the set of a soap opera. There were several comments about the picture, I added a question like 'What is Simon doing here?'.

Then, the picture came alive and my point of view was as if I was watching the soap opera. Simon pushed through the door with the man and the two were arguing about something. They were then both standing on a sidewalk on the border of a small town by the ocean. The man asked Simon a pointed question and Simon answered by starting to sing the song 'My Own Way'. The funny thing was is that it wasn't his voice, he had a deeper voice, and I'm pretty sure the song was in a different key (and to the tune of a different song).

On the second line of the song, the camera zoomed out and it showed Roger and Nick walking towards Simon, singing the same song.

Then I woke up!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

From an Effort to a Project, Whats next for DDTTRH

Its with joy, feelings of nostalgia, and humility that I announce that DDTTRH (Duran Duran to the Rock Hall) will now become a project under our newest effort, Duran Duran Worldwide.  This means that DDTTRH will no longer be its own effort, with its own supporting staff, and its own mission…but will be an ongoing project to be worked on at Duran Duran Worldwide and its mission…To raise awareness of Duran Duran and their importance to music, to energize, connect and excite the Duran Duran fan base all over the world, to boldy go where no Duran Duran effort has gone before (cue Star Trek theme music).  It also means that DDTTRH will be alongside other projects that DDWW will be working on, to be announced in the coming days.

Changes to DDTTRH

·         Making DDTTRH a project implies a start and an end to it.  When Duran Duran is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, that’s when the project will end.

·         We will be shutting down the DDTTRH Facebook page as of June 1st.  We invite you all to join us at our Duran Duran Worldwide Facebook page.  It is from here that we will continue to provide you original content and will give you statuses of the projects we are working on.

·         The DDTTRH Twitter site will remain open and will be the way we inform you of specific developments in regards to the DDTTRH project and its progress.  Please follow @DDTTRH on Twitter to keep informed.

·         Any DDTTRH email addresses will be shut down by June 1st.  The website with details about the project (and any news) will still be accessible through DDWW (under Projects).

·         Meaningful interviews and blogs from the Blogger website ( will be moved to our Duran Duran Worldwide website and be posted with our DDTTRH project work.  The Blogger website will be shut down after this happens.

·         Any supporting staff that are currently helping DDTTRH are now a part of DDWW.  We continue to appreciate the efforts of Christian Helwige (our First Officer), Tracey Elena (our Rock Hall Liaison—she’ll need a new title now!), Jake Crawford (who provides us Youtube support), and Josie Beaudoin, our amazing editor

·         Because DDTTRH is now a project and isn’t going away, we still need your help!  If you would like to help us get the word out and continue to support us, please friend Kirk DDWW and Christian DDWW on Facebook.  Through this medium we can organize projects directly with you and give you any marketing materials you need to help us out.

Changes to DDWW

·         We have decided that there will no longer be ‘Members’ of DDWW, but ‘Friends’.  We still will enjoy cross-promoting those who are our ‘site and effort friends’ (and we hope they will continue to do the same with us).  If you have a Duran Duran page, effort, etc. and would like to become a ‘Friend of DDWW’, please contact us through our Duran Duran Worldwide site (  Being a friend implies not being formally connected to DDWW, but as a friend who we keep in contact with and promote through our site.

·         As mentioned, we will be adding other projects in the coming days to DDWW.  If you would like to help us in any of our projects, we invite you to connect with us personally through our Kirk DDWW and Christian DDWW Facebook profiles.  We have already connected with many of you through this more direct and personal medium and we look forward to continuing to do so as we work on projects and roll out original content from Duran Duran Worldwide.

·         We will continue to do interviews, but under DDWW instead.  In fact, we are coming up with a list of those we would enjoy having podcast interviews with us a new way to bring you original content.  If you have something to say about Duran Duran and would like to interview with us, please contact us through the DDWW site, our DDWW email, or our personal DDTTRH or DDWW Facebook pages.  We will also reach out to many of you personally about this.

I would like to personally thank all of you for making the DDTTRH ‘effort’ (while it was a formal effort) a special one.  I have enjoyed associating with all of you and look forward to seeing many of you on Twitter (@DDTTRH) and Duran Duran Worldwide (and lets have some fun together!).

Notorious-ly and Duran-fully yours,

With much love,

Kirk Harrington, Captain, DDTTRH