Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lessons Learned Blog 4 of X

Due to the sensitive nature of Blog 3 of X (and to be respectful of those mentioned in it), I decided to share that one privately with certain people.  If you are interested in Blog 3 of X, please email me through the site and I can share it with you.

I did though want to share this tidbit from it, as the start of Blog 4 of X...

Something I need to admit is this...and I know I've mentioned it before to some of you.  I do not know everything there is to know about Duran Duran.  I have not lived and breathed them every minute of every day since they came out (I do appreciate those who have--I learn a lot from you [:)  I will say that I have appreciated their music for years and what I said in the article to Jeff Piorworski in the Sun Times article about their music 'singing to my soul' is absolutely true.

You might ask why I didn't go to more of their concerts over the years.  Well, because of childhood circumstances, being called on a mission to South America, financial struggles, being in college, getting married and struggling was not in the cards.  I did make it though to my first concert recently, and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life.  I was so excited to be there and to be representing the band in my very little way...I called the press to come and film me...and they came!  You can watch that here...

 Because of this experience, I had an 'Epiphany' about this effort and about life, really.  Here are some cherished excerpts from it (you can read the full version in the Blog archives, October 2011)...

The Rock Hall may not really deserve Duran Duran and its not really necessary that Duran Duran be there. They are legends already, they have made music history already and no honor, induction, and award will make a difference.

I got to see the amazing and beautiful community of Duranies at this concert and I was overwhelmed by the love they had for Duran Duran and the love Duran Duran had for them. Something Simon said during the concert resonated with me. He said something like 'I see a bunch of happy people!'. Thats what its about, what its always been about for them...making people happy.

In life its not about the rewards you get or the 'recognition'...its about the people whose lives you touch, the love you show them, and the happiness you give them. Duran Duran has certainly showed this to their fans. If you think about it, its 'The World' that focuses on such honors...of making someone better than someone else. The lyric from All You Need is Now comes to mind..."Everybody's gunning for the VIP section...but you're better off in running in the other direction".

I just want to tell Duran Duran and the fans that I get it now. I started this effort just wanting to give back to the band that meant so much to me growing up and means so much to me today. I am left feeling though that I've been giving back the wrong way.

I just want to say sorry to all of you, including Duran Duran, for not seeing it this way sooner. There was something about seeing this band live that has had a changing effect on something awoke in me...a realization...a new happiness.

To be frank, this epiphany leaves me with an identity crisis. I mean what is the point of beating on the Rock Hall's door about Duran Duran? There are other campaigns out there that have done the same thing and they have gotten nowhere. They have focused so much on hating the Rock Hall...continued disappointment with them because their favorite band is snubbed. Even more silly is the notion that one band must get in 'before another'. I mean, its not a race is it? Especially if these bands have already made history, already are legendary, and no award in a Hall can change that

The focus will no longer be on 'getting Duran Duran into the Rock Hall', but of promoting the band...getting people talking about them again...raising awareneness to them and how they've left an indelible impressions on music history and on the hearts and minds of their fans everywhere.

 As you can imagine, this Epiphany was important to DDTTRH and crucial in its progression.  It truly became a 'phoenix moment' for us as we went through the fire of re-creating ourselves.  Something you may not know (or have realized at the time) is that it also made for some interesting confusion with the DDTTRH staff.  We were left with the questions of 'What do we do now?', 'What should out new focus be?', 'Do we kill the effort or keep it?', 'What do we do with the petition?'.  Some of these questions have already been answered, and some are being answered through our branch-off effort, Duran Duran Worldwide (

The decision was also made during this period to release the entire DDTTRH staff and start anew.  Kandice decided to leave (which was a very sad moment for me personally), and Anitra went on to bigger things.  Christian stayed on and we kept our Youtube specialist from Australia, Jake Crawford.  Josie Beaudoin has also stayed on as our editor for both DDWW and DDTTRH.

Before the Epiphany and still today, DDTTRH has had its moments.  Like any good cause, it has also had its opposition, critics, and detractors.  It has also had its funny moments and welcome friendships and support that has come from sometimes unexpected and fabulous places.  I think you will surprised to know just from where.

Next time...

  • Learn about some amazing and fun moments we've had at DDTTRH
  • I will also talk about some of the supporters that have come forth from sometimes unexpected and fabulous places