Saturday, March 17, 2012

BIG FUN with Duran Duran Bumper Stickers

There's a very cool store thats close to my home on the east side. Its on 1814 Coventry Road, Cleveland. Here's a view of the street leading up to it...nice weather for St. Patrick's day as you can see...

Once I park and cross the street I walk down the sidewalk to the store front. There's a lot of people dressed in green today and the restaurants are especially busy. If you're ever visiting, you should try Mongolian BBQ.

Welcome to BIG FUN!

BIG FUN is an amazing store, filled with Toys, Games, and Collectibles that are truly nostalgic. I especially like the GI Joe and Star Wars toy section. Ok and the old video games section (I think I might be one of their few Magnavox Odyssey customers). Here's a peek inside...

Today, my mission is the Bumper Sticker counter...and I'm especially interested in the Duran Duran bumper stickers. They are from 1984 and are in decent condition for their age. I especially like the Union of the Snake ones. Are those the California Raisins? I remember those!

They also have these small sticker posters of Duran Duran (though not in as good of shape as the bumper stickers but not bad):

Here are the bumper stickers they have available. I just bought the last blue one for Ladyaslan, our publicist. I also got one for Kandice, Christian and a couple for Durandy Andy Golub, the amazing archivist from Seattle...

If you call, you might talk to Ben! BIG FUN is being nice enough to hold these stickers for DDTTRH for anyone who calls and wants to buy them (and they can mail them to you [:). They are more than happy to help! They can take your order over the phone if you call THIS Monday through Friday (Ben will be there Tuesday he said). You can also ask for those mini poster stickers-they had several of those (though I did not have them held).

Here's their phone number: 216-371-4FUN (4386)
Tell them you're calling about the Duran Duran bumper stickers being held for DDTTRH, they should know about it.

You might also try calling their Clifton Blvd. Store, 216-631-4FUN (4386)-they may have some if these sold out (I do not know).

Here's their website... They also have an email: If they don't accept your email order, you can just email DDTTRH at and we can hook you up.

Well time to go home. I pack my bumper stickers and the Odyssey game I picked up. My daughter wants a toy butterfly she found among all the different toys they have, so we get that too and head home.

Hope you enjoyed this BIG FUN adventure and hope you will be able to snag a bumper sticker before they are gone. Luck of the Irish to you!