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Interview with Eric Alexandrakis - SPECIAL DDTTRH REPOST

This is another interview I am so happy DDTTRH was able to do early on, with Eric Alexandrakis who came out highly supportive of our effort and raising awareness for the band and the Rock Hall.  It's nice to be able to share it again so many years later after the band's induction.  We lost the original date of this interview, but we do know it was sometime between June and November of 2010.  Enjoy! ~Kirk, DDWW

Foreword by Anitra Delorenzo (aka Ladyaslan)

ERIC ALEXANDRAKIS Is classically trained since the age of 6, and originally discovered by Duran Duran's John Taylor, [composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist] Alexandrakis has had dozens upon dozens of his songs licensed to various media. Also a pioneer in digital copyright protection [Alexandrakis produced the first digitally watermarked CD while in graduate school (technology developed by], he is also a critically acclaimed Indie artist having three times entered the top 40 radio charts in the Adult Contemporary genre.

Eric has recently guest stared on Showtime’s hit show Dexter and has popped up on Oxygen’s Reality TV show ‘Bad Girl’s Club”! He set some time aside to interview with me about…well a potpourri of VERY COOL things from movies to music we covered it all and he is a REAL treat to chat with and a REAL inspiration to anyone that feels they could use some sunshine in their life!

Here is Eric Alexandrakis; have a seat and ENJOY~


Do you think Duran Duran deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Eric Alexandrakis:

Well they do meet the requirements, and considering how much of an impact on music and pop culture they have had, it’s a no brainer.


Are you a self taught musical talent or were you classically trained? At what age did you start to play music?

Eric Alexandrakis:

When I was a tiny tot, I would always try to make music out of anything I could find. I took classical piano lessons from age 6 to 16, and got heavily interested in John Williams, Mozart and Thomas Edison. In between I picked up as many instruments as I could get my hands on, while taking art classes, theater classes…then had my first recording session at age 16. From then on, I became heavily interested in production/sound engineering and learning everything I could about everything musical. So I’m a mix between schooled and self-taught. Mostly self-taught.


What is your favorite Duran Duran song and video?

Eric Alexandrakis:

It’s hard to pick, but “New Moon On Monday”, “Ordinary World” and “Big Bang Generation” tends to stick out today. It might change tomorrow. “Big Bang” more so because of the killer production.

Videos…love what Nick Egan did with “White Lines”…those scratchy plates of color that are also in “Live Forever” by Oasis,…the black and white bits…the editing in “Too Much Information”, and what Ellen Von Unwerth did with color in “Electric Barbarella”…especially the super 8 bits in the beginning…I think they were super 8. I have one of her books, she’s really cool.


How would you describe the specific style and sound of your music to any New Wave/ Electro/ fans that hadn't’ heard your music before?

Eric Alexandrakis:

Since I write a lot of for TV, it tends to vary according to what someone wants. What I enjoy playing with the most is a sort of electro/rock vibe, where I blend electronic elements, with acoustic ones to create color and tension. I’m a big fan of early 60’s, 70’s albums that sound raw and almost like they were done in one take with imperfections. John Lennon’s first solo album has a sound to it especially that I love. I like to retain that in some things, but I also love totally perfect sounding records that have uniqueness, like the ones that come out of Anthony Resta’s Studio Bopnique. That’s the best sounding stuff coming into the world today that I know of.


What contributions do you feel Duran Duran has made to the world of music and fashion in the past 30 yrs?

Eric Alexandrakis:

The thing about DD is that their contributions go well beyond the obvious, and I think only mentioning that part isn’t really an accurate representation.

The musical style has always been a unique approach, but what makes them more unique than any other artist is how their careers have merged musical elements, with fashion, design, technology, artistic evolution and “extracurricular activities”. By the latter I mean things like side projects, John’s fashion designs with Juicy, Simon’s work with Nick Wood (which by the way, most people probably don’t know this but SYN is the most in demand music production house in Japan, perhaps even Asia), Nick’s side projects/art, Roger’s DJ’ing… I also like how their musical style was stretched during the 90’s, which is always an important thing for artists to do.

You also have technological firsts. Most of the general public has no idea that a Duran Duran song was the first track to be downloaded off of the internet via Liquid Audio. Aside from everything else they’ve done, if being the first downloaded band in history isn’t worthy of induction into the rock and roll hall of fame, then the whole thing is a sham.

There are a ton of interesting/important accomplishments that the general public has no idea about, as when a band like DD becomes as big as they have…more than once…the largeness of the image tends to supercede the other stuff. I’d like for all them (as a band and as individual artists) to be recognized for more than just the obvious. One just needs to look.


What Duran Duran song would you like to remake if you could and why?

Eric Alexandrakis:

I have no idea, I wouldn’t even bother. More fun to listen to the records.


Tell us about the digitally watermark CD that you support in regards to copyright protection…

Eric Alexandrakis:

One of my best friends invented the digital watermark (, and came to my department head when I was in graduate school at The University of Miami School of Music to test his technology out on a release. I was producing an album for the school’s record label, and we had decided to embed the technology within the cd as a test. I was super excited about it because it was obvious what the impact would be, so Scott Moskowitz (the inventor) and I became really great friends, and together we oversaw some of the initial testing. Over the years I watched it evolve, was involved in some additional testing, and it’s amazing to see how it’s applied today. I remember several years ago sitting in Berlin reading a newspaper article about how a rough cut of the first “Hulk” movie had been put online illegally. Due to the technology embedded within the promo, I think the FBI was able to trace the kid that did it in like less than a week. Now it’s everywhere.


Tell us how you met and rock out with your unique and innovative crew: Steve Ferrone, Warren Cuccurullo, and Anthony J Resta? What is your favorite creation the four of you have created together thus far?

Eric Alexandrakis:

We all have this common thread, DD, and my music production/licensing company. My company represents/works with a lot of high profile artists, and those three guys were people I wanted to work with. We became friends over the years, and since I already do composing and licensing of my own material to various media, I thought it would be cool to create a scoring collective of sorts to try something new. I’ve been anti-collaboration for years due to some bad experiences, but I’ve started to snap out of that. Plus when you have access to those types of musical abilities, it’s very hard to not want to immerse one’s self in their talents to learn from the best. I consider myself a life-long student of music, more than anything.

We started planning the project early last year, but had a few bumps along the way as everyone is involved in lots of things, so getting together is always difficult. A few demos were being passed around, which were really cool, but due to commitments it was hard to get locked down. We had a 5th member early on as well, Roger O’Donnell of The Cure, who had too many commitments and had to drop out right before the 5 of us had made plans to have some sessions in LA. He’s a great friend and super amazing talent, you should check him out.

We’ve only really been full-on planning and solicitation wise since about April of this year, and that’s been mostly organizational and paperwork related. We have a lot of interest, so now it’s a matter of moving into the next stage of promo, which we are almost at. We’re also working on new music (long distance for now), and will probably get together once Steve is off the road and has rested from his round the world twice in a few months stint! It’s incredibly exciting, as we aren’t limited to one approach or style, and don’t have to answer to anyone but ourselves.


 If you could have a sit down with any member of Duran Duran who would it be and what would be topic of discussion? ( I have a feeling you have done this already ha-ha )

Eric Alexandrakis:

Being artists and adventurists…if that’s even a word, I’d take them to hike the Gorge of Samaria in Crete, and to the Minoan Palace of Knossos. That would stimulate lots of interesting discussion I think.


When can fans expect the single “Mediterranean Sea” with John Taylor of Duran Duran to be released? What is the theme of the song and how did you both contribute to the genesis of this song?

Eric Alexandrakis:

You’ve really done your homework! “Mediterranean Sun” will be out next Summer, and probably end of this year in Australia, as their Summer is in December. Promo can take ridiculously long to plan, and this is part of a new album project of mine called “Terra”. It’s a travel themed album, whose over 30 songs were written and recorded in a matter of hours. 97% of the whole album was done in one take. I’ve been releasing a new single every two weeks since Spring, and I have an EP called “Terra Firma” coming out on August 30th via iTunes.

The song came about when I was on the beach in Rethymno (Crete) filming over exposed shapes, waves and pretty girls with black and white super 8 film. The chorus came to me then, and the rest just flowed. I asked John if he would mind playing on it, and he graciously said yes. He was going to play on another one as well called “London Girls”, but there was no time. Was lucky to have him on one. He’s been very encouraging over the years with my material, and I’ll always be very grateful.


If you don’t mind, would you share with our readers the trials and tribulations you went through when you battled cancer ( twice )? What form did you get diagnosed with? Has it changed the way you view life and yourself in general? *My father is a Prostate cancer survivor….going on 10 yrs cancer free, your story hits home with me*

Eric Alexandrakis:

I’m very glad to hear your Dad is doing well. They say if everything is ok for ten years, then you’re in the clear

I had Hodgkin’s in my chest twice. The first time I kept getting this pain in my left chest, had no idea what it was. With these things we tend to ignore and assume it’ll pass, but it kept getting sharper and lasting longer…sometimes for two weeks straight.

Finally one day I was lifting some weights and noticed a lump on my chest. I thought that I’d pulled a muscle, as it was really hard and strange. Soon thereafter I was diagnosed and started 6 months of chemotherapy. I essentially had a tumor the size of a fist pushing through my rib cage.

During the 6 months I had chemo every two weeks, which would leave me nauseated for about 5 days. To keep myself from losing my mind, I recorded an album called “I.V. Catatonia” during the 6 months of treatment on a friend’s borrowed 4-track recorder. It was a lot of fun creating, smashing stuff in the garage, I had very little to work with and borrowed instruments from friends. The album has my chemo nurse on the cover.

At the same time I was producing a band called Eyes of Pandora, mixing another album and getting ready for pre-production on a record by an artist that had recently been dropped from Atlantic Records. I was probably overdoing it, as I remember being in a big studio having to barf in between my guitar takes. Looking back it was actually quite funny, in a sort of twisted way.

For about a year I was clear, then it came back. I then had to have a stem-cell transplant, with a month’s stay in a germ free “bubble” in the hospital, with about 8 blood transfusions, chemo, crappy food…but pretty nurses. The day I was admitted, I ended up having a catheter cut and pushed into the side of my throat, pushed into my heart and pulled out of a hole in my chest…without anesthesia…twice! After that, I realized I could handle just about anything.

The relapse made me paranoid, impatient and a little nuts…and it took several years to get back to “normal”.


How did you come to work with John Taylor of Duran Duran & Patty Palazzo ( of Juicy and on John’s solo album Japan ( 1999 )?

Eric Alexandrakis:

I met John at a solo show, gave him some of my tapes, and a few months later he and Patty approached me to sell my first album “9 Demos On A 4-Track” on Trust The Process. I’ve always been heavily into photography, and sent Patty the pics from the show I had met them at, which they put on the site and used in the CD. I’ve admired Patty’s designs for a very long time, and love her Punkmasters line. We’ve been friends ever since.


How did you come to have a supporting role in the hit Showtime series Dexter

Eric Alexandrakis:

It was nothing major really, the casting agent called me to do it, and I said ok. It was a new experience doing TV, and more than anything I was curious to see how the whole process worked. Almost got my fingers smashed by a sliding van door during a scene, and had fun with the main cop dude that wears a hat all of the time.


What was your overall experience in filming Miami Vice with Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx?

Eric Alexandrakis:

Totally fascinating. Loved watching the process, being directed by Michael Mann, watching him plan out a scene… CF and JF were very cool. JF was gangsta rapping in Bill Cosby’s voice, and CF was either drinking or smoking for 3 days straight. I was in a bunch of scenes, but only one or two made it into the film. Burned my scalp, got slightly dehydrated, and drove some fancy cars. It was a fun experience, but I didn’t like the movie.


Tell the readers about how you entered the Top 40 radio charts….when…where…and which songs….

Eric Alexandrakis:

My Christmas song “Here Comes The Snow!” was promoted to U.S. adult contemporary radio, and charted in the top 40 three years in a row. I think it peaked at #22. Every so often someone texts or calls me during the holiday seasons, saying that they are shopping in a store and they hear that song on the speakers. That’s always fun.


Anything you would like to share with your fans?

Eric Alexandrakis:

Keep in touch!

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Interview with LeClair, singer, composer, multi-intrumentalist, producer - SPECIAL REPOST

Someone asked me recently about old blogs we had on this site.  I know I had kept several of them and deleted others...and I also think Blogger may have truncated many after  a certain period of time.  I did decide though to keep most of them aside in case they did get lost.  This one is special because it is with one of the early DDTTRH supporters, Stefan Leclair.

Original post 5/12/2010, Interview by Kirk Harrington DDTTRH

Here's a bit about Stephane, taken from his Myspace profile (
"Being a music lover with eclectic tastes, Le Clair experimented in many different musical styles,from funk to experimental progressive Jazz, and beyond. He also did some dj work, and remixed songs for pop music icons DURAN DURAN which frontman Simon Lebon and guitarist Warren Cuccurullo (also from Frank Zappa/Missing Persons) both really loved and talked about using as a b-side material on their next single to be released from their experimental Medazzaland album (unfortunately no other single was ever released from that album since the band parted from EMI records shortly after that). Conversations with Simon and Warren gave Le Clair the boost he needed to focus even more on his own songwriting,resulting in the recording of many very personal acoustic/alternative tracks about life,love,women,sex,war, & peace. Le Clair is a vegetarian,and tries to support as much as possible the following causes: Amnesty International,The One Campaign,Peta (+ other animal rights groups),and other ones against hate, racism,human trafficking,homophobia,& child labor."

Stephane's interview:

[Kirk, DDTTRH]: What contribution do you feel Duran Duran has offered the music industry over the past 32 years (since their formation in 1978)?
[LeClair]: A huge contribution which is still palpable today,and a pretty diverse one musically speaking. They've managed to record 12 totally different albums,reinventing their sound and creating something new every single time,which is not an easy task. I mean,in the mid eighties,Duran was the biggest band in the world, and instead of repeating the same safe recipe that made them rich & famous,these music lovers went for exploring new musical territories,and taking risks (and I take my hat off to them for having the balls to do that and succeeding so well in doing it). 

Many kids today like the band's earlier stuff and don't give a sh** about the videos,the image,or whatever. They just like Duran’s music because these are great pop songs that have aged very well...and by the way (& coming from a musician’s point of view),playing some of Duran’s material is harder than many people would think (I even saw Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl admitting that on youtube lately). Some of their songs have complex structures and unusual chord progressions,and feature ambitious bass lines,virtuoso guitar playing (the Cuccurullo years),unorthodox creative synth work,and pretty high perched vocals.
They influenced a lot of other artists in the eighties,and still do today. I mean,without Duran, bands like The Killers,Franz Ferdinand,The Bravery,Keane,White Lies,just to name a few of them,would certainly sound very different.

[Kirk, DDTTRH]: What is your favorite Duran Duran video and song? 
[LeClair]: Now that is a very hard one to answer,and honestly I can't just name one of them (that would be like asking me for only one great Beatles or Bowie song,when we both know they got plenty of great songs) I'll give you,let's say...2 favourite videos (I don’t care that much about videos anyway),and 5 fave songs. That is the shortest number I can give you from such a diverse and rich catalogue. 

Songs: 1. Ordinary World (they should be inducted in the Hall Of Fame just for writing this one,it is one of the best ballads ever written).

2.The Chauffeur : Because this one doesn't sound like any other songs ever made,which is rare. I adore the infectious ocarina melody in The Chauffeur, and 30 years later,the song has kept every single cell of its uniqueness and appeal. Like most of their songs,The Chauffeur has brilliantly stood the test of time.

3. Come Undone : There is something comforting in the beautiful melody of this one. Perfect bittersweetness and melancholy. And from a songwriter/producer point of view ,Come Undone might be the only song featuring that overused drum loop of the 90’s that still sounds fresh today. One of their best melodies ever.

4. Skin Trade (album version,not the single edit) : To me,this is one of Duran’s musical peak. A Prince/Stones influenced black track that I absolutelly love. The structure of the song,the chords,and of course that amazing trumpet solo during the bridge...I mean,this really is music man! Produced by funk master Nile Rodgers and taken from one of my favourite D2 albums. Another quite unique song from The Fab 3 (then).

5.Lady Xanax : Duran has many musical faces,and the one I love the most, obviously considering my choices, is that rich, darker,intellectual one. Lady Xanax is a good example how rich and how far musically Duran can go. This could almost be a Pink Floyd or Radiohead song. Nothing commercial or pop in this one. A less known gem taken from the alternative/glam Pop Trash album.

Bonus Track (lol)Save A Prayer (album version,again not the single edit) : Masters of melody since the beginning. I love the intro,the bass line,the whole ambiance of it really...a true eighties classic, and always a special moment during a Duran live show.

Favorite videos: 1.Girls On Film (uncensored) : I just happen to love ice...a lot.2.Perfect Day : I like the colors and textures of this one,it is visually stunning. I love the flower throwing thing contrasting with the words “destroy” and “hate”. (not to mention that they did an amazing job covering Lou Reed).

[Kirk, DDTTRH]: Has Duran Duran inspired you as a singer/songwriter? Tell us how!

[LeClair]: Their pop sensibility,and well crafted melodies certainly influenced me, like many other artists that I love who succeeded in creating something new & unique: Prince,Peter Gabriel,Radiohead,David Sylvian,David Bowie,The Velvet Underground,The Police,The Beatles,The Stones,Massive Attack,Daniel Lanois,U2,Björk,etcetera.[DDTTRH]: What are your plans for the future…anything you would like to share?[LeClair]: of my older songs “New York In Smoke” was released a couple of months ago on itunes and other online music stores. I’m planning on putting many other tracks out there,and hopefully end up with a few albums of original material...I sure have plenty of diverse material that needs mixing and mastering since I’ve been doing this for many years. Music is my life! I’ll also keep supporting Amnesty International,Peta & other animal rights group,The One Campaign,and such. Trying to make this world a better place is important to me. As a citizen of this planet,I feel it is my responsibility to try to do something against injustice of any kind. ..oh,and getting that band from Birmingham into the rock n roll hall of fame ,of course. ;.)

Thanks Kirk,answering your questions was a real treat.

To hear Stephane’s music (and a message Simon Le Bon left on his machine when he did remixes for the band in the past), join his brand new page on facebook :
Or visit his Myspace page:

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Interview with Chicanery - SPECIAL REPOST

Someone asked me recently about old blogs we had on this site.  I know I had kept several of them and deleted others...and I also think Blogger may have truncated many after  a certain period of time.  I did decide though to keep most of them aside in case they did get lost.  This one was special because it was around the time I'd met Warren Cuccurrullo on Second Life.  I'd also chatted with Neil Carlill on Facebook and Anitra was able to do this interview with Chicanery (Warren and Neil's band at the time)...

Interview with Chicanery, interviewed by Anitra Delorenzo (aka Ladyaslan) for DDTTRH

Original posting was 5/21/10

Guitarist Warren Cuccurullo, who was a member of Duran Duran for 15 years, and Neil Carlill, founding member of Delicatessen (Rough Trade/Big Life) debuts their first pop project since collaborating on TV Mania in the late nineties with Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran.

CHICANERY is fusing rich sound-scapes shaped by Warren's legendary tune craft – densely woven around Neil's ‘tone poet’ vocals and lyrics – Chicanery is both a revival and a dream of a modern day band…here is DDTTRH's interview with Neil~

[Anitra, DDTTRH]: What was it like to work with Warren Cuccurullo and Nick Rhodes in regards to TV Mania? 

[Neil]: It was a little nerve wracking at first, Warren's house (and his studio) was called Privacy in those days and all the DD music at the time started life there, it had blacked out windows and Bars for security so I Was a little intimidated. Once I was inside and I met Warren and Nick they were very re-assuring and wonderfully nice. I listened through to some of the tracks to get a feel for the project, I was very excited because the plan was to have Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry play my parents in the overall scheme.. I still have a cassette tape of tracks we went over, Big Stress, Money Greed and Power being 2 of them. I would record vocals without the full lyrics so I was just concentrating on the melodies at first. Mark Tinley was the engineer and it all took place in the one room with Nick and Warren on the couch and me standing with headphones, then I'd skip outside into the back garden for a cigarette. I did bring a little alcohol for myself to give me that little extra confidence! We had a few sessions like this, worked on several tracks, I got a call once to come over at very short notice to work on a track called Abducted, this session involved improvising from scratch over the instrumental, which was a lot of fun. We talked a lot about music, influences, it was very relaxed.

[Anitra, DDTTRH]: What does the name Chicanery mean / represent? Is this what TV Mania morphed into? 

[Neil]: I think Chicanery represents a very human like quality that exists in each person and in more destructive ways in groups, and societies. The art of deception, the treachery of manipulation and trickery. It exists all around us, what we see hides the devious ways people manipulate situations for benefit. It's a very alluring and devastatingly ruinous way to run the world or a life. Our Chicanery is in the complexity and multiple layers the music winds through, the way a hook can draw you into the subterfuge of a lyric. Chicanery also represents all the vagaries of life Warren and I have experienced since we started this. TV Mania introduced me to Warren and Chicanery was the result of 12 long years fighting to do what we love.

[Anitra, DDTTRH]: What does Warren Cuccurullo bring to the music? What do you bring to the music? What does the music bring to you both? 

[Neil]: Warren brings first and foremost his originality to Chicanery, his knowledge of music, his virtuosity and his songwriting skills are all wrapped up in his musical self, which is spiritual and dedicated. He crafts and improvises in equal measure which allows me to tap into what he is doing and it's this combination which produces our sound. Songs would usually begin instrumentally and I would work on words and melodies for them, there are a few songs (like Midnight Owls) where I started the music off and Warren would just magically add his own touches to elevate them completely. It's a beautiful thing to watch and hear. The music for us now represents the journey we have been on, those rare moments over the 12 years that connected us even when we were thousands of miles apart.

[Anitra, DDTTRH]: What challenged you both in making this album? 

[Neil]: It was written and recorded in different places over long periods of time so that making the album is the history of our connects and disconnects and how we always managed to come back to it, with many personal upheavals in the intervals. We both started the album in England and finished it in the USA, we both left bands we were in, changed our lifestyles, got older, and tried to cope with the Music Industry as it completely transformed. It's amazing to me that it's here now out on dPulse Recordings and now having a life on its own. Go fly away music!!!

[Anitra, DDTTRH]: What do they mean when one refers to you as a “tone poet”?

[Neil]: I think the way I write lyrics is very much like Warren playing his guitar, it's a connection to the sub-conscious a side-stepping of the rational brain to let what's in you spiritually manifest itself in your creative medium. I mess with words as they come flying out of my brain uninvited. I think it's more like prose-poetry sometimes, hypertext, concentrated meaning in a seemingly abstract construction. It can be a little puzzling but there is a narrative but not in the literal sense we are used to... You have to absorb and translate...

[Anitra, DDTTRH]: How have you evolved as an artist since the completion of this incredible album? 

[Neil]: I think time will always sink its teeth into your tastes, I am listening to music now I would have shunned as a youngster. Its funny how music goes in cycles, the new wave bands of today all have their original version from twenty, thirty years ago, you learn to pick out the originals. I love to make music and to fool around with words, it's much less a business thing now (we must chart ! We must have the right image!), it's all about creative expression and working with Warren will always move and develop that spirit.

[Anitra, DDTTRH]: What contributions do you feel Duran Duran has offered the music and fashion industry over the past 30 yrs?

[Neil]: They have a unique body of work, enormous commercial success and an enduring place in the hearts of music lovers all over the world. In the early days they set trends in fashion and branding, and later their sound matured and gained a complexity that made sure they grew into their new stature as veterans of the pop game. My wife (Gwen) also claims she would not have been wearing Tiger striped tights and jazz shoes back in the 80's if it wasn't for Duran Duran..

[Anitra, DDTTRH]: What is one of your favorite songs or videos or both by Duran Duran? 

[Neil]: I would have to say Come Undone for favorite song. Video, probably Planet Earth as it has an innocence that large amounts of money can not compete with.

[Anitra, DDTTRH]: What can the fans of Chicanery look forward to in the coming months…years? Any concert dates to be announced? 

[Neil]: Yes playing live is next, we are working on getting a tour together and we have 4 songs in progress for the next album. So more of the same we hope with fewer interruptions!

The album is now available on and at

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Petition Signatures from Fans

Happy Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2017!  I've been wanting to do this for some time now.  Through the miracle of database technology, I have been able to save all the Duran Duran to the Rock Hall petition signatures from the Care2 petition site.  I started this petition in May of 2010.  We were able to scrape together 2,318 signatures before the Care2 site shut down the petition recently because it had been open so long.  The original goal was 100,000 signatures (which equates to roughly 4% of the about 2.5M followers the band has on Facebook).  After it was clear we would never reach that goal, the total was reduced to 12,500 (0.5%).  Reducing the goal clearly didn't help.

It was definitely good timing, the shutdown.  DDTTRH took the Rock Hall out of it's name on 12/31/2015.  Further, because of what was said about the Rock Hall by Duran Duran and because of the perceived level of disinterest from the fans...I am happy the petition ended when it did.

I don't blame the fans or the band in the avoidance of topics Rock Hall.  Through this effort, I came face to face with prejudices, criticisms, and hate surrounding the topic.  What started as the innocent desire to see my favorite band in a place where they could be honored for all time, later became an albatross from an episode of 'Whose Line is it Anyway' - where it just really didn't matter anymore.  And I'm not saying that I still don't want to see them inducted into the Rock Hall - I ABSOLUTELY do.  I just think the way I was approaching needed refining - hence our new name Duran Duran to Timeless Rock History (still @DDTTRH), but focused more now on raising awareness of the band and how they have made an impression on music, our culture and society.

This said, I do believe it's important to remember that among the 2.5M Duran Duran followers, there are at least 0.1% of us that are outspoken supporters of the band being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  My hope is that there are many more silent supporters out there, whose voices were not heard.  I am delighted to say that through the early efforts of DDTTRH (when 'RH' meant something else), we were at least able to make some waves among the fan community and the press, while providing opportunity for open dialogue about the subject.

Special thanks go out to Christian Helwig, Kandice Purpura, Anitra DeLorenzo (LadyAslan), and Josie Beaudoin who were with me for the original adventures of DDTTRH when the petition was around.  There's no way the effort could have made the kind of traction it did without them.

Now, enough of my bla bla bla.  Time to get to some signatures.  Of the 2318 that signed, 32 remained anonymous.  Of those that did provide their name and country, the majority of the signatures came from the United States (61%), followed by the UK (7.6%), Italy (6.5%), Canada (3.9%), Argentina (2.9%), Brasil (2.3%) and Australia (2%).  The rest of those who signed were where less than 2% were represented in the respective 60 other countries.  Of those that did provide their names, 1265 did not write a message to go with it.  1021 left a message.  In respect for the electronic reader, I will just share 10% of these below.  And please don't feel badly if your name is not mentioned below.  I will make sure all your names and messages are heard someway somehow in due time.

I was seriously touched and felt a sense of awe and gratitude as I read through these.  It's truly amazing how many good feelings, emotions, frustrations, yearnings, flashbacks, childhood memories, and righteous anger were stirred.

Notorious-ly yours,  Kirk, DDTTRH and DDWW

Signature#, Name, Country, Message
9, Jason Henry, Canada
Duran Duran have given me 30 years of great music and memories. The have inspired me as well as countless artists and continue to create some of the best music on the planet.

20, Kitty Amsbry, United States
Duran Duran's contribution to both the history and future of rock music and the entire music industry is undeniable. They deserve this recognition and belong in the Rock Hall of Fame.

26, Neil Carlill, United States
As a collaborator and friend of Warren Cuccurullo former member of Duran Duran I support this petition...

33, Robert Sherer, United States
I even named my kids after them....

44, Nathan Stack, United States
The post-punk/new romantic era was an important period in pop music history, and Duran Duran was one of the most significant bands to emerge during that time. Obviously the band's contributions in terms of music videos and fashion are quite significant, and there's plenty of press and many awards documenting that. But at the end of the day, I think it comes down to the music. The band created -- and continues to create -- great songs and albums. Their sound defined the early '80s, but they've never been content to live in the past. I think it's also important to note that Duran Duran is and has always been a genuine functioning band. They write and perform their own music, and even though they've worked with some of the greatest producers in pop history, the drive behind the music has always come from within the band. They're not afraid to take risks, and the artistic payoff of those risks is evidenced in their albums.

62, Christian Helwig, United States
I understand the terms in which a nominee is selected. Although inductees voting/nominating new potential recipients doesn't always mean it's correct. Like you say everything IS subjective. But one fact remains. Over the paste few years, recent inductees do not have the influence, nor the impact in which Duran Duran has music as a whole. They pushed many boundaries their honored contemporaries haven't touched or can. Thanks you.

65, Claudia Parker, United States
Why the hell not?  If ABBA and the Bee Gees can be there, surely Duran Duran deserves it. They inspired a lot of New Wave bands and clones were created after them. Their influence on popular culture is undeniable.

72, Andrew Golub, United States
As a Duran Duran archivist, I am intimately familiar with the breadth and depth of the band's storied career. Whether breaking ground in music and technology, making an impact in multiple mediums, or influencing artists across generations, there are few pioneers like Duran Duran. Time-tested, critically-acclaimed, and beloved around the world, this band has secured their place in the annals of music history. 

Having remained relevant over decades of constantly changing musical landscapes, it is time to recognize Duran Duran for the legends they are.

74, Jennine Goodman, United States
The album "RIO" is still as fresh sounding today as it was in 1983. They've also influenced a new generation of bands like the Killers and Franz Ferdinand. They deserve to be aknowledged for their innovative accomplishments in music and video after so many years of being written off by the critics as "contrived".

92, Dianne Davis, United States
Duran Duran are exciting, innovative and have never been afraid to push the envelope. They do things the way they want to do them and have never wavered from there vision. I hate to think what my life would be like without this amazing and influential group of musicians. Induct them NOW!! I have 'no doubt' you will have a line around the block of artists who would love to do the honors.

100, Amy Nelson, United States
No other band has had the staying power, success, and influence these guys have had.  They are absolutely legendary.

102, Jennifer Mahoney, United States
Duran Duran has been making great music and entertaining audiences for over 30 years. Their longevity and quality performances are proof that they deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

104, Kathy Mullen, United States
I have been a fan of Duran Duran since 1982!  They deserveto be recognized for almost 3 decades of great music!

106, Nikki G., Canada
Duran Duran deserves to be honoured in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  They have contributed to the music industry and helped shaped the music of their time.  Duran Duran continue to evolve with the times, creating and recording relevant music.  Along with musicians of the day who are openly communicating that they have been influenced by Duran Duran, a number of bands have done Duran Duran covers, namely, Goldfinger, Deftones, GOB, Hole and Jimmy Eat World, just to name a few.

Duran Duran continue to contribute to being productive members of society outside the music world, beit fashion, service, or technology.  They have worked throughout the years and, like them or not, you KNOW them.

I support this cause, the band and its members.  Duran Duran to the Rock Hall of Fame!   #eLL YA!!"

107, Regina Hershberger, United States
Few new wave bands of the 80's have a following like Duran Duran still have today.  Unfortunately it has never been deemed "cool" to like them.  I have alway's stood proud to be a Duran Duran fan and if the Rock Hall doesn't induct them it's their loss.

108, Kelley Rogers, United States
Duran Duran's long history of musical firsts has made a point to master the tredsetting sounds we enjoy today.  Their influence is legend among well recieved musicans and a myriad of fans around the world.  They embrace music not only for the pleasure of sound but to continue to challenge the meaning of their souls and worship of their listeners. Love them or hate them, they deserve a place of prominence in THE Hall of Fame.

111, Kandice M Purpura, United States
I have been a fan of Duran Duran my entire life.   It's hard to put into words how I feel about their music. Duran Duran to me is timeless... they are constantly reinventing themselves and taking music to a different level.  Its never the same music twice!  Though I prefer their "80's" heyday, to the new stuff, I look forward to each and every new project that comes about.   I can remember leaning against the TV as a very small child and crying over Nick Rhodes.  He was my first crush!  In elementary school, I used to carry their VHS "video collection", directed by Russell Mulcahy, everywhere I went.  Over the years, I've seen them three different times.  My first concert was the "Ultra Chrome, Latex and Steel" tour in 1997, then "Pop Trash" tour in 2000, and finally "Astronaut the Tour", in 2005.  

I love them so much, I decided to get a tattoo!  When I was looking at designs for my tattoo, I noticed that a lot of fans had symbols from "Seven and the Ragged Tiger".  I wanted to be a little different.  Rio was my first album.  My parents didn't get me their self-titled album until later on.    Since "Rio" is arguably their most recognized cover, I decided to go with that.  I took the drawing from their "Classic Albums:  Rio" DVD, released in 2008."

114, Mindy Claggett, United States
To say that Duran Duran have left an indelible mark on the music world is an understatement. Their not being inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame yet is a travesty. Their musical peers respect them -- it's time the HOF did the same.

122, Jen Bond, United States
I've been a fan since the first time I heard "hungry like the wolf" on the radio. They were my first concert and I've seen them many times since, not even sure how many times! They continue to put out new music and have influenced so many bands and artists that are popular today, not too many bands that were popular in the 80's can say that. They deserve this!

135, Cindy MacDonald, United States
I fell in love with Duran Duran when I was 15 and they were my first Live concert experience.  Now 30 years later they are still making music, what am I saying they never stopped.  They pioneered video and still some of their earliest work rivals what is put out now.  I am proud to be a fan of this band.  They have all survived the rush of fame and have surfaced the wiser and more talented for it.

136, Chell Henson, United States
It is a criminal shame these over achievers in music have been overlooked in being inducted into the rock and roll hall-of-fame for too long now. They are true icons in their own right, have millions of faithful fans, and their music has inspired people over 3 decades now. Some of the bands that have already made it into the hall of fame cannot hold a candle to duran duran. Nor have many of them been as artistically unique and hard working in the industry as these guys have been. Most bands of many eras sounded so similar to one another over each decade, but when duran duran hit the airwaves they were refreshing, unique sounding and pure genius when it comes to an original sound all their own. They broke the mold by breaking out of the cookie cutter sound, most bands have in comparison to one another, and made their own style of sophistcation in their goal to stand out miles above the rest. So please re-consider your decision and let a well deserving and shamefully over looked band into the rock and roll hall of fame. It would only serve the  institution  well in doing this and giving the honor Duran Duran so richly deserves. If they are not inducted it just shows the lack of fair and good judgement on the part of all who are responsible for giving bands a spot in the Rock and Roll  Hall of Fame. Duran Duran can only bring to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the elegance, class, unique style and musical genius duran duran possesses that can reach such a broad spectrum of people including the generations that will grow beyond ours, so they may also have the distinct pleasure to enjoy so much that Duran Duran have brought to the entire music industry. They deserve this so please lets us all continue Duran Durans legacy by giving them the honor and support of being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Thank you for your time in reading this.

142, sil de Manrique, Argentina
yes, yes, YES; YES !!!!!!! Quiero a duran duran en el hall of fame !!!!! Gracias !!!!

155, Nabeel Shahid, United States
Duran Duran has contributed more to the progression of music than any other band. They were at the forefront of music video. They were the first band to have a downloadable song on the internet. And were also the first band to make a video entirely in Macromedia Flash. Plus the fact that they are still together making music after 30 years can not be ignored. It is time that Duran Duran get the recognition they so richly deserve.

181, Austin holes, United States
Duran Duran really were a boost to the record industry in the 1980s and highly influential with bands like Korn and The Killers citing them as influence. Duran Duran also put MTV on the map by producing creative video content for them to play.

188, Arti Loftus, United Kingdom
DD were THE Icons of the '80...the most underated and uncelebrated british band ever.

191, Joe Montoya, United States
Duran duran dominated the 80's with their music and style. they were pioneers of music videos and are still relevent 30 yrs later.

192, Anitra DeLorenzo, United States
Duran Duran has had an incredible career that impacted the music industry along with the fashion and charitable interests~let's get them IN the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame~ xoxox

195, Arianna Silvestri, Italy
They remarkably influenced the music scene of the 80's and 90's bringing their contribution mixing style, music, glamour and fashion together. In the second millenium they are infact very actual and still ride the scene brilliantly. Electronics, pop-rock sound, their constant research for the new combined with their unique style give them a special allure. No other groups have seen such a varied career and this special sense of being always at the top.

201, Sharita Lira, United States
DD Needs to be there! They have made a great contribution to music of all genres.

218, Erika Fiore, Brazil
Duran duran has been a huge musical influence not only in me, but in many great artists all within the last 30 years. It is at least fair to include them.

224, Maxine Hoyle, Australia
I believe Duran Duran deserve this award for all they have contributed to the music industry and for helping define a generation.

227, Paulo Cesar Tavares Labão, Brazil
It's already time to have them in Rock Hall of Fame. What else do they have to prove???

246, Jeremy Thibodeau, Canada
Duran Duran inspired generations and pushed the limits for other bands and new music.

250, Michele Mowery, United States
They have really worked very hard in their careers, and I think they deserve to be inducted to the Rock Hall because of this, their ambition, and their love of music and in creating some of the most beautiful music to date.  Thank you!

275, Christina Giatroutsikos, United States
Duran Duran will and always will be inspiration to many future bands. Their ability to create such wonderful music, that touches each and every fan is simply amazing. They are truly our Icon.

283, Ippolita D'Orso, Italy

301, Jennifer Prunty, United States
I just recently visited the Rock hall and was appalled by not only the obvious exclusion of Duran Duran from their exhibits but ANYTHING to do with the 80's UK music scene. They had a small display of Joy Division/New Order and an Adam Ant 45 in a Punk display but that was it! I will not visit again until New Wave and the 80's UK scene get the respect they deserve.

303, Paul O'Brien, Ireland
I think Duran Duran should be in the hall of fame because there music is so underrated and gifted they should be up there with the best like Queen U2 David Bowie etc and another point is that they are four very talented musicians so i would appreciate if ye would consider them for this honour.

304, Lara Welter, United States
They have made majorly influential music and have been eligible for many years now.  Why would they NOT be in the hall of fame?

315, Stacy Dowd-Adams, United States
Innovative + sexy = Duran Duran

318, David Bara, United States
The first day that MTV broadcast in my area, I watched for hours. Then, suddenly, a video appeared out of the aether that was different than anything seen heretofore by mankind. That Video was "Planet Earth". I was mezmerized. This was either the Coolest Band In The World, or the biggest set of freaks I had ever seen. I waited six hours for MTV to repeat the video, and on second viewing there was no doubt, this was The Coolest Band In The World[tm]. Thus began a 30-year odyssey of fashion, hairstyles, great music, concerts, and many trips around the globe to experience this band. Do they deserve it? They should have been in the first year they were eligible. Let's get on with it!

341, Susan Miller, United States
Duran Duran have had a huge impact on music.  They have written some amazing, truly unique music.  They have earned this honor.

344, Lori Leopard, United States
Agreed that Duran Duran's influence is seen more and more.  They are still relevant and have stood the test of time.  Their music was ahead of its time.  That's why the old songs still sound as fresh today as their most current songs.

346, Manuela Salvade, Italy
Being a coma survivor, I HAD to sign this petition as a sign of gratitude for what their music was able to do on me.

I'd add they're pioneers in video music, in digital music, in fashion. 
Their induction in the rock Hall of Fame would be the definite honor."

356, Rocio Mino, United States
This band is part of my life for 27 years , they deserve a recognition , my kids are the new duranie generation ! i love them ! long life to Duran Duran

361, David Hurley, United States
Duran Duran are the greatest band ever! I've been a fan since 1982. They are a great part of Rock History and have made a great impact on countless people and bands worldwide! Music would not be the same without their contribution!

362, Josie Beaudoin, United States
Duran Duran have shaped the face of music for over thirty years now. The effect they have had on the genre is so immense I think it is overlooked. We would like to bring them to your attention as not just deserving of this induction, but also long overdue for it. Your serious consideration of our petition is appreciated.

390, Massimiliano Ornano, Italy
I thought they were already in. Come on, they are a great band, musicians and song writers. They deserve a high award. Do the right thing!

395, Dennis Kelley II, United States
You let ABBA in the Rock Hall.  Why isn't Duran in there?

419, Lorraine Smith, United Kingdom
Duran Duran have nothing more to prove, their 30+ years staying power is testimony to this, they have proved the sceptics wrong again and again. There should be no question about them being included in the hall of fame. Listen to the people who matter not prejudiced music critics or music industry bods who  only see £/$ signs and who have no idea how important durans music is to people in their every day lives.

446, Gina Madden, United States
My first concert ever when I was 10 back in the Notorious era...they were awesome then and they are just as great now.  They totally deserve it!!! They are so under-rated musically.  Their best stuff is all B-sides...better than everything ever played on the radio.

447, Heather deBruyn, United States
#446 Gina Madden,Virginia intruduced me into Duran Duran when I was 10 yrs. We went to concerts, watched old beta videos in her cousins room. I love them. The only cd's I have in my car are Duran Duran and 80's. I've now got my 8yr old and 4 yr old hooked.

454, Meghan Munn, United States
Been into Duran Duran since I was 3yrs old and wanted to play keyboards like Nick Rhodes (still do!) Have one major undying near life long crush on John Taylor and had Simon Le Bon walk past me while he was leaving a Hilton hotel while on my way to a college class in 2005

481, Vanessa Bates, United Kingdom
As Nile Rodgers once said: "Duran Duran have gotten the short end of the stick", the music legend told me a couple of years back. "When we're all dead and gone, people are gonna look back and realize how amazing they were. Even the records I didn't do!"

495, Al Briggs, United States I want duran duran to be immortalized in the rock and roll hall of fame! they're awesome!

506, Vivian Beaudoin, United States
I encountered this band when my DAUGHTER was a teenager, and they got me rocking too.  Solid, old fashioned rock and roll with some new twists.  Their impact was significant in keeping solid ROCK popular.

514, Jayne Bowie, United Kingdom
Duran music makes you smile, makes you happy and they ROCK.  A band I feel who don't get the recognition they deserve at times!!!

553, British Bells, United States
Totally support the Duranies!

569, Emma Caulfield, United Kingdom Love
Duran Duran Forever <3 div="">

572, Tracy Patrick, United States
Duran Duran have had such an impact on music and the video generation since they broke into the US with a hysteria comparable to the Beatles...They deserve this recognition. I have been a faithful and unwavering fan since the age of 10 (I am 39 now) and will continue to support them for years to come!

593, Johnny Rodriguez, United States
This is one of the most deserving bands in the world and they deserve the respect that they are due. The media has always shunned them for some reason and it has not been fair to the band. They among all groups in the Hall deserve to be in there

595, Anthony DeVito, United States
Duran Duran are a classic band who had a huge impact on the "MTV Generation" and beyond. They continue to tour and create relevant new music. They've influenced a generation of artists and they deserve to be inducted!

596, Diana Flynn-Lattime, United States
They have a star on the Walk of Fame. Their music is very unique and a great listen.

599, Ronald Campbell, United States
The longevity of Duran Duran speaks for itself when most bands from the 80's are long gone, i.e. one hit wonders.  Not to mention the over 100 million albums sold.  I have seen them live 3 times, once in the 1980's, 1990's and 2005 with the reunion tour.  All 3 shows were great.  These guys are more than pretty faces, former Tiger Beat cover stories and a former hair band...they are musicians.  It is time to give them the respect they deserve for their decades of hard work,outstanding careers and contributions to the world of music.

610, Roman Mihalik, Czech Republic
Duran Duran Forever

627, Amy Bapp, United States
What? They're not already in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? That's insane! Induct them NOW... it's way overdue!

641, Jay Schuck, United States
Duran Durandemonium was akin to Beatlemania back in the 1980s. This band is still recording and doing live shows. Of course they should be in the Rock Hall!

651, Rebecca Smith, Canada
Duran Duran deserve to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Their music and videos have inspired and influenced many artists.

655, Jaeann Stewart, United States
I love Duran Duran and have since I was 12.  Their music has always been a source of happiness and joy in my life...and I am proud to admit that my 10 year old daughter loves their music too!!!  Please induct one of the best bands ever into the Rock Hall of Fame-they totally deserve it!!!!

659, Jezabel Gonzalez, Mexico
Young Duran Duran Lover :P

668, Taylor Green, United States
Great band!! The biggest Duran Duran fan (raiderofthumbs via Twitter) influenced and informed me of this website. Thank for letting me know! Ill pass the word on!

684, David David, Italy DD 4 ever

703, Lisa Le Bon, United States WHAT?!?!  Duran Duran isn't in the Rock Hall of Fame yet?

707, Rose Santos, Brazil Duran Duran merece!

720, Ron Shtigliz, Israel
i was shocked they were not there already

727, Wilton Vargas, United States
Without a doubt, Duran Duran is not only a symbol of style and substance, it represents generations of rock music fans from all over the world. That to me is THE REASON for this band to be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

764, Flavia Holes, Argentina
Duran Duran has the hability to be always be the first band doing something new....The first unplugged, the first Video maker in an inexpected places, the first touring the hole northamerica in a bus playing city after city doesn't matter the amount of people living there, the first mixing mode with music plus I have to continue? My God, any person in any part of this PLANET EARTH will know that THEY deserve it! Already had a star but Hall of fame is more than a star in a street. In London, Gloria Stefan had a wax statue and they don't COME ON!!!! let get show to the world that DD rocks the "planet earth" since 1978

769, Nile Rodgers, United States
Because of their powerful impact on rock and roll and pop culture!

789, Arnaud Guillard, France
they are just fabulous+++ love from FRANCE+++

792, Jp Sanders, United Kingdom
How can THE iconic band of the 80s not be in - the Hall Of Fame is the worse for not having them in and recognising their unique musical heritage.

793, Demian Vela, United States
Do it already, seriously!

829, Marnie Evans, Australia
I can't believe that they're not there already! 
Duran Duran WERE 80s pop music!!! 
In the words of Sir.P. McCartney: ""Let 'em in!!!"""

842, Jean Sanders, United States
Many current bands cite Duran Duran as an influence and their fan base crosses generations. they are also a band that does not disappoint when it comes to reaching out to their fans

849, Barbara Carmona, Argentina
Duran IS my life, completely. Thank to them I learned a lot about music, the good stuff and the bad stuff. They were (and still are) influential on a lot of bands, but most important, they influenced in my life. Since 1978, they're a great band- with their highs and lows-but they are still here, 32 years later, with still so much to give, to entertain, to make us laugh, cry and enjoy what good music is.

857, Joyelle Sena, United States
Duran Duran deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  They changed the face of music forever.

858, Simon Grosvenor, United States
Duran Duran deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  No other band defined the 80s as they did.  They and the fans deserve this, so please see that this comes to fruition.

869, Danique McPherson, United States
Along with Japan they were the fathers of the New Wave, the Video Revolution, and the 80s most notable performance artists as well as pop art and fashion icons. Even David Bowie despite his level of influence could not claim to have more.

876, Slavomir Kmec, Slovakia
Who else if not legendary DURAN DURAN. It's definitely the highest time for Duran Duran to be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I believe the band deserves it more than any other act at the moment. Love and Peace!

890, Diann Johns, United States
Duran Duran have endured through years of critical snobbery and indifference, yet their fans remain faithful. Their work is ethereal, enigmatic and artistic. They have never stopped working. They're been touted many times as having a comeback album, yet they have never stopped releasing material. They inspire me daily creatively and passionately.

932, PP VV, Netherlands
They are Notorious > get them in there NOW

954, Pranav Chandrasekhar, United States
Duran Duran are pop/rock music innovators on multiple dimensions. They changed the world of music video with location shoots in Sri Lanka. They created rock music for the dancefloor - a supremely novel idea at the time it emerged. They continue to make music that will endure and it has already been 30 years. They deserve their due. They have earned it.

963, WIlliam Borgnine, United States
This band is very talented. They don't get the recognition they deserve because they have a huge female fan base. I am a straight man that loves their music! Close your eyes and just LISTEN!

1020, Leigh Holleman, United States
As a former Clevelander and Duran Duran fan since 1983 I absolutely know that they belong in the Rock and roll Hall of Fame!!!

1039, Richard Hooper, United States
Duran Duran continue to be a great inspiration in my life personally and creatively. As an artist and a writer myself I have been greatly inspired by the whole career of Nick Rhodes, Simon Le Bon and the rest of DD. A group of young men from Bermingham UK who wanted to be rock stars, took their talent and became much more than that. The had the fortitude to live their dream and inspire others do the same. The guys are a great live band and a major contributing creative force to popular music and art in general, and they just simply know how to rock too!!!!!!!

1121, Silvana Andrea Ferrandu, Argentina
I love you Duran Duran !!! :)))  Silvana Taylor

1135, Kendra Campbell, Canada
Duran Duran has carried me through most of my life. They are an exceptional band, with exceptional talents. They still to this day bring joy to old fans and new fans alike. This is an honor they truly deserve.

1137, Charlene Scheck, United States

1197, Jennifer Mayberry, United States
Duran Duran developed a unique sound that has captivated fans for over 30 years. Pioneers of an era, there music has stood the test of time and has been emulated by the next generation. In addition they are a band that loves and thrives at playing live. I love them more than I can say and they are my favorite group. Please add them.

1206, ARTURO SILVA, Mexico

1245, Sandra Schriefer, United States
How can Toni Basil be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when the only song to her credit is, "Hey Mickey," when Duran Duran have been turning out hits for more than thirty years!

1249, Susan Cooper, United States
Puh-leeze!  They ARE the 80's!  80's new wave version of the Beatles.

1292, Cathy Conti, United States
Been a proud fan of Duran Duran since 1981. Been with the through the thick of it all and I am as much a fan today as I was back then. Simply amazing!

1298, Barbara Brewer, United States
Rediscovering them years later.  Still makes me smile.

1303, Jamie Bates, United States
They have Nick Rhodes Old clothes in the rock in roll hall of fame but not his band Come On Let them In they have been a part of the music history.

1331, Chris Maunder, United States
This is a no brainer, they have music for any mood

1364, Ruzica Pejovik, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of
Nick Rhodes rules!

1393, Shonda Dudlicek, United States
I just visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and was stunned to see that my favorite group has yet again been passed over. It's time for Duran Duran to be inducted, period!

1405, Jonathan Boyd, United States
Sales and Influence say this band deserves to be enshrined-- not to mention revolutionizing music video and Mtv.

1408, Gert Vasak, Austria
They made music history, they inspired so many bands - they have to be inducted!!!!

1436, Erica Aguirre, United States
My older sister popped in a VHS cassette to the VCR in my parents bedroom. I sat with her awaiting for something to appear on the 19-inch tv screen. A Woody Wood Pecker cartoon, perhaps? Was it ET again? Then, there it appeared, without sound. A smile so perfect with red lips. Eyes, alluring. The face of a woman, her head tilted back with a gaping mouth in laughter and delight. And then, finally, sound - indescribable. A sound that let me know something big was coming. This was the music video for Rio. Little did I know then, at the age of 3, that this was the music I would take with me for the rest of my life.

Singer Simon Le Bon once said "I feel that we do something which brings people together, makes people feel good about themselves, makes people feel that they're not alone. Making people feel not alone, I feel we're providing a very useful service." 
This is what Duran Duran has done for us since 1978.

1538, William Mueller, United States
Innovators in New Wave sound that is still influencing artists. Individually winners of many Best Guitarist/Keyboardist categories in the 1980's. Impact on the development of music videos go without saying. Still performing at a high level. (Live AId, Live 8, Prince's Trust, 2012 Olympics) This is a no-brainer, rock and roll hall of fame!

1639, Efstathia Kalliora, Greece
A band of great signifcance in the music industry! Especially during the 80s DURAN DURAN first gave a lot of emphasis to the videoclips, therefore they have become fashion icons! NOW, they still produce music that everybody can listen, which is blamed on their remarkable quality and rarefied! Thanks for your existance! I really admire you!

1644, Stella Martinez, United States
As a long time fan of Duran Duran I believe the just like all the greats in the hall of rock & roll should be inducted. 

The reason is they not only shaped and changed music they helped MTV in its popularity. They help change pop culture and made it so attractive and full of fantasy; I believe their message was safe and also educational. I'm so glad To have grown up in the 80's to the most amazing musicians England has ever imported besides the legendary Beatles. For this, I feel they should be inducted and I hope they get what they deserve:) Viva Duran Duran:)

1705, Nadine Fox, Germany
From "The Chauffeur" to "Leave a light on" - in more than 30 years DD create unstoppable albums that give birth to songs that sound in the soul.

1846, Ana Patricia Fillo, Panama
I became a DD fan as a teenager (around 13) and enjoyed the best music, videos and outfits ever. Collected a huge number of posters, t-shirts, calendars as well as the vinyl records available to me. 

My 22 year  old daughter has the DD heritage and loves the band. In 2008 I finally got the live DD experience live in San Jose, Costa Rica and few months later in my hometown . I got the chance to meet  John in San Jose and my daughter and I met  the whole band in Panam!  Pictures taken signed t-shirts...what a beautiful memories! Looking forward to the third concert.

They have earned big time their place at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, decades later still making great music.

2074, Neil Drakeford, United Kingdom
I've loved them since I first saw them in my (and their) home city of Birmingham in 1980. over 100 million records sold, numerous awards and STILL filling arenas around the World today...long overdue

2084, Jennifer Bufe, United States
Unique, influential, envelope pushing, barrier breaking, musically talented, commercially successful, collaborative, etc. What more could the powers that be at the RRHoF want?  Duran Duran is the complete package!

2179, Elizabeth Riddel, United States
My parents told me when I was 11 years old  (1981) that this band would never last and it seems that they were wrong! I even took my mom to see them in the early 2000's. My 26 yr old metal head son  has been busted singing songs off of Rio on more than one occasion. They ABSOLUTELY deserve this honor as one of the trailblazers of Mtv, new romantic music, fashion, and heavy influences on other great bands. Good luck boys!

2302, Tina Thomas, United States
It is total crap to any 90s act got put into the rock 'n' roll Hall of Fame before these guys. They reinvented music video before Michael Jackson made thriller. Rolling Stone is on drugs to not let them in.

2313, Lantz Howse, United States
What's the problem with the committee??
I'm 68 years old & Duran Duran is a very deserving band.

2315, Wendy Hamilton, United States
Duran Duran is the second British wave...the Beatles of the 80's generation. They have been an active recording and touring band for 30 plus years. Simon has written several of their songs. They have influenced music, fashion, movies and popular culture. Their music is important to me and my generation. They deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and we, their fans, deserve to see them there.

2318, Bryan Mcquillan, United States
Its way overdue

Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Apology to Duran Duran and its Fans

I have had these realizations for some time now, but its seems a good time to reiterate them once again.
  • It does not matter if Duran Duran is inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (though it would be nice!)
  • What's important is Duran Duran's music and how it inspires fans and brings us together 
  • The only real validation that is meaningful for Duran Duran is from its fans, not from an award or an induction
Realizing this, I have also come to the conclusion that with DDTTRH I may have unintentionally caused friction, contention and frustration with the fan community, of which I regret and apologize for.  I honestly started this effort with the best of intentions, with a dream to see my favorite band inducted to a place I thought was really great.  This dream has faced some harsh realities over the years, of which I am grateful to have experienced.

Further, it was never my intention (leading an effort meant to promote awareness of Duran Duran's eligibility for Rock Hall induction) to impose on Duran Duran the band.  I know some band members have strong feelings about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and would rather it not be a regular part of their dialogue to fans.  I have heard from many that the band is very humble about receiving any kind of major recognition.  Further, I know many fans are protective of the band, and may see my efforts as damaging to the sacredness of the band's legacy.  If I have offended you or caused friction with you, I am sorry.  I meant no disrespect.

With this said, I want to assure you (fans and Duran Duran) that we have shaped this effort (and continue to shape it) with you in mind.   Taking the 'Rock Hall' out of our name (and moving ourselves away from the albatross of the Rock Hall) to me is the biggest accomplishment towards this end.  See this blog:

To conclude, I want to say thank you!  I have come to love the band more as I've carried out this effort (through success, failure, and opposition).  I have had the great honor of meeting Duran Duran fans all over the world, several who I can say are truly 'Friends of Mine'.  I can honestly say that the best moments of this effort came when I went to see Duran Duran live in Cleveland, had the Epiphany and started on the road to change this effort for the better.

Thank you, Kirk Harrington

DDTTRH Removing 'The Rock Hall' from it's Name!!!

How the band views the Rock Hall has been made abundantly clear to us.  I speak of the iHeart Radio interview a while back (when the band answered my question about the Rock Hall) and also the recent Yahoo News Article that featured Simon.  I'd like to quote here what Simon said from it...

"“I have a problem with the institutionalization of rock 'n’ roll,” Le Bon tells Yahoo Music. “I don’t like going places where you’ve got to wear a black tie. I just feel like saying, 'F— off!’ I think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in itself is not a bad thing, but I don’t feel that I have to be placed alongside Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown, the Rolling Stones, U2, and all those other guys for me to have validity. The validity that counts to me is those kids that are going be standing outside in the car park [at our concert] this afternoon. You sell one single record, and it means 100 Rock and Roll Halls of Fame.”

Given all of this and how we have evolved over the years, it makes sense to make the following changes...

  • No longer will DDTTRH mean 'Duran Duran to the Rock Hall'.  I have decided to take the Rock Hall out of our name permanently.  To me, it's just not as meaningful as it used to be.  This is not meant to be disrespectful to the Rock Hall either (I in fact live in Cleveland and LOVE the Rock Hall of Fame).  In the interest of keeping the acronym, it will now mean 'Duran Duran to Timeless Rock History'.
  • The petition is now closed.  Of course we would love to continue hearing messages of support.  Feel free to to continue to message us @DDTTRH on Twitter or direct your friends directly to the petition.
  • DDTTRH's purpose will remain as follows:
    • Ongoing research into how Duran Duran has influenced the Media
    • Raising awareness to the band and it's impact on the music industry and music history

Sunday, October 18, 2015

What's next for DDTTRH

It's the end of 2015, and I have some announcements to make in terms of DDTTRH.  Plus, I want to clarify my position on this effort as its changed dramatically since 6 years ago when it started.  And this is really for the benefit of those who have not followed us during this entire time and have not experienced this effort.  Can you believe its been 6 years?  Here are some key points...
  • DDTTRH is a shadow of what it used to be.  It no longer has a Facebook site, no longer are there artist interviews.  My last blog post on this effort was in June 2014!  You can still read some of the old interviews...they are on this blog site for now.  
  • DDTTRH no longer has a full staff that supports it, its pretty much just me and a couple others (a skeleton crew) looking over what remains.
  • Our Twitter presence (@DDTTRH) still remains.  And yes, Nile Rodgers and Scissor Sisters still follow us.  There is also a Project page at  
  • We no longer have a list of supporters that people can look at.  And officially, we will not do that ever again.  First, name-dropping is tacky and it was extra work and unnecessary.  If you want to know who supports us, read the petition, look through our old blogs, see who follows us on Twitter.  Or, just tweet me @DDTTRH and I can let you know.
How the band views the Rock Hall has been made abundantly clear to us.  I speak of the iHeart Radio interview a while back (when the band answered my question about the Rock Hall--see our blogs) and also the recent Yahoo News Article that featured Simon.  I'd like to quote here what Simon said from it...

"“I have a problem with the institutionalization of rock 'n’ roll,” Le Bon tells Yahoo Music. “I don’t like going places where you’ve got to wear a black tie. I just feel like saying, 'F— off!’ I think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in itself is not a bad thing, but I don’t feel that I have to be placed alongside Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown, the Rolling Stones, U2, and all those other guys for me to have validity. The validity that counts to me is those kids that are going be standing outside in the car park [at our concert] this afternoon. You sell one single record, and it means 100 Rock and Roll Halls of Fame.”

Given all of this and the current position we are in, it makes sense to make the following changes...

  • No longer will DDTTRH mean 'Duran Duran to the Rock Hall'.  I have decided to take the Rock Hall out of our name permanently.  To me, it's just not meaningful anymore.  In the interest of keeping the acronym, it will now mean 'Duran Duran to Timeless Rock History'.
  • We may be looking to hand off the petition to someone else, or take what is there and share it with interested parties in a creative way.  For now it will remain open.  Of course we would love to continue hearing messages of support.  Feel free to to continue to message us @DDTTRH on Twitter or direct your friends directly to the petition.
  • There will no longer be contests for DDTTRH.
  • The Top 10 Reasons and supporting work we've done for DDTTRH (formerly known as 'Duran Duran to the Rock Hall') and its petition will be left out there in some form, either on the petition itself or on a site of its own (apart from DDTTRH).  Further, if we decide to share anything about our Rock Hall work, we will do less of looking to Duran Duran's fan-base and look more to the outside.  I sense that the focused Rock Hall effort caused more friction and division with fans than I ever wanted and I want to move away from that. 
  • Nothing DDTTRH does again will be in a bold huge way (I just won't do that anymore)...but I plan to do things more methodically, strategically, and deliberately (with the new purpose in mind).
  • DDTTRH's purpose will remain as follows:
    • Ongoing research into how Duran Duran has influenced the Media
    • Raising awareness to the band and it's impact on the music industry
  • DDTTRH will still remain a project of DDWW, and the project will keep its broader focus. We may mention the petition every now and then on @DDTTRH, but no longer will it be a main focus.
  • As a matter of housekeeping, next year I will be cleaning up the DDTTRH blog site.  I basically will be removing blogs that are no longer relevant to this new direction.  I may also look to move a set of blogs to a more permanent place and close down this site permanently.  This will be hashed out next year.
As always, if you want to help with any of our DDWW projects, feel free to reach out to me at Kirk DDWW or Christian DDWW on Facebook.

If you want to know what I've learned from this effort, please read my posts about The Epiphany, my Lessons Learned blogs, or reach out to me personally at Kirk DDWW (Let's talk sometime!).  

I'm honestly done trying to prove myself to Duran Duran fans and show them that my heart's in the right place.  I know there will be people that hate me and like me for what I did or am doing with DDTTRH...whatever.  For me its been an amazing journey and it's been well worth it.

Still Notorious-ly yours,