Friday, May 30, 2014

Duranium SPECIAL EVENT Contest

Contest starts:  May 24th, 2014
Contest ends:  June 7th, 2014

For SIGNED Duran Duran RCM promo poster (100% authentic!), name 10 places where Duranium can be found in high concentrations.  Submissions will be judged based on creativity by a panel of judges.  To enter, please visit us at and contact us with the email address on the site.

2nd Place prize:  A 'Stolen Leopard' cards package, including a set of artist cards, 10 Snow Leopard postcards, and 2 blank Holiday cards...

3rd  and 4th place prizes:  10 Snow Leopard postcards

Spread the word...a new element has been unleashed on the Duraniverse.

Want some ideas?  Please watch our Duranium Youtube videos:
The Duranium Encounter:


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